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About RAMP design

How we got here.

RAMP design was founded by Tyler and Ariana Miller, a husband and wife team, whose backgrounds include executive level business experience, industrial design, scientific research, and general chaos control (we've got four kids).

The RAMP design core: providing value, giving first, and making life better for others.

Tyler was an executive for a small company where business was booming and the company was growing, but every day was another round of operations headaches and emergencies - most of which should have been preventable. He found himself repeatedly frustrated by the lack of time or bandwidth to work on improving the company. On top of this, the company wanted more software solutions to automate their workflows and help them find more data about their own operations, yet employees were already struggling with just the software they currently had. Work wasn't enjoyable anymore.

We want to to help make being in a growing small business a happy place to be again.

We recognized that streamlined workflows paired with well-designed software integrations and automations bring the power to launch a small business to its highest potential and allow for both growth and agility. Combining our strengths in design and business, we launched RAMP design to bring small businesses the power of design-based solutions - solutions that are human-centered, actually feasible to implement, and viable financially.