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The Ramp Design Three Steps

Three steps, three sets of deliverables, three payments.

Process Discovery + Mapping

The most impactful solutions start from the roots and grow up. You want seamless workflows and team transitions? Start by understanding where things are at now. Your company can continue to focus on providing great service, while we work with team members on the side - developing a full visual map of your processes and software.

Image of a sample workflow


Company process maps and workflow recommendations

Integration Design

Design is focused on creating the best possible solutions. Your automations and software integrations need to be developed with your people and goals in mind. Using interactive prototypes, we will develop and test the integrations and the human-software interactions. Have a data pipeline set up, gain employee buy-in, discover overlooked issues, and get a trial run of proposed changes.

Illustration of two individuals sitting at a desk. One is confused and the other is asking them a question.


Interactive and tested digital prototypes

Technology Implementation

Once processes are improved and integrations are tested, it's time to make those dreamy workflows and automations reality. We handle all the backend work, including cloud setup. For your future, we happily offer training so you can tailor or tweak integrations in-house as your company grows and shifts.

Sample image of code, as seen inside coding software.


Software integrations, digital cloud set up, full project documentation